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AllPlan Training by Nemetschek Scia

ABT goes AllPlan! We are happy to announce that we made the switch to BIM (Building Information Modeling) software: in April 2015 we implemented AllPlan engineering software. ALLPLAN offers flexible and efficient tools for the seamless designing and implementation of visionary architecture and innovative engineering projects. It covers all the application areas of a BIM-oriented CAD system: From simple 2D drawings to 3D models including the determination of quantities and costs.

The ALLPLAN software family makes it possible for all stakeholders involved in the construction project to optimize the entire building process with regard to quality, costs and time management.
Thanks again to Twan Janssen for coming to our office all the way from Holland to introduce us to the wonderful world of Building Information Modeling!

ABT (Adviesbureau BouwTechniek NV) is a 100% Surinamese architectural company, providing design and construction services for both residential and corporate buildings.


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