In loving memory…

We can’t believe eight years have passed since the passing of our beloved colleague Derrick Stjeward…
In 2008, on April 3rd, we got the shock of our lives. First, there were anxious suspicions, but soon it turned out to be brutal and harsh reality: our Derrick Stjeward, who was only 29 years old, was killed in a plane crash in the interior of Suriname. Derrick was on his way to an ABT project in the interior, along with a Telesur delegation. All occupants of the small Antonov plane were killed.

It needs no further explanation that the news hit ABT like a bombshell, but, needless to say, it was even worse for Derrick’s parents and loved ones. We will never forget how these people, who were having such a hard time their selves, repeatedly took the time to comfort us and talk away our guilt. It indicates the kind of "nest" Derrick came from and explains why everyone who ever worked with him was directly taken by his character, his personality. Derrick always managed to get along with everyone and nothing was ever too much to ask. He was modest, honest, quiet, peaceful, noble, smart, sympathetic, hardworking and always kind towards everyone. It touched us to see that he left such a big impression on so many people in his 29 years that were given to him on this earth. In Derrick we did not only loose a valuable colleague, but above all a faithful and loyal friend for life. We will therefore be eternally grateful to have had the privilege to call him our friend. Rest in peace, dear Derrick.

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