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Thinking along with our clients and providing integral advice are central to our daily operations. In addition to the general tasks, such as designing, calculating and drawing structures, we primarily consider thinking along with clients and other construction partners the most important tasks of a creative consultant. The interdisciplinary character of our business enables us to do just that. At ABT we provide the following services:
Project Design


Together with our clients we create innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and esthetic needs. Needless to say, we provide our clients with all necessary drawings, calculations, estimates and contract documents. ABT can also create a virtual scene of your project that will enable you to see what it will look like before construction begins. We use an intelligent 3D model loaded with building design, construction, and management data. Clients, owners, and contractors gain virtual 3-dimensional looks at the exteriors and interiors of their projects during design and construction. This 3D modeling tremendously increases the communication and integration of the project team and helps to prevent costly change orders.
Project Management


Our project managers lead, coordinate, budget, schedule and supervise the work during the implementation of the project. Concluding transparent agreements and living up to them, as well as attention to detail are crucial in this process.
We love seeing our client’s dreams and our designs become reality and will guide them every step of the way. Our desire for excellence is never satisfied, because we know we are building structures and spaces that will last and be used by generations to come.

ABT (Adviesbureau BouwTechniek NV) is a 100% Surinamese architectural company, providing design and construction services for both residential and corporate buildings.


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